Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards designed for Social Computing Lab at MIT Media Lab.

MIT Media Lab

Titled “I Am Here” this drawing is a summery of my first week visiting MIT Media Lab


ARE YOU YOU is a site-specific installation exploring change, flow and identity.

Dear Grandmother

“Dear Grandmother” collaboration was born over a decade ago between Shantell and Dot Martin.

Dream Drawing

Do you recall you dream? In this series Martin tries to capture her dream in the form of words and lines.


Large scale drawing commissions with major brands in the US and overseas.

Drawing with code

A series of drawing experiments using code to create lines and forms.

Live digital performance

Live drawn performance to DJ's, Dancers and Musicians, both high and low tech.

Drawing on Everything

Custom objects from found bottles to childhood toys.


Experiments with large scaled scrunched papers.

+ LaneCrawford

LaneCrawford Store Installations in HK + Beijing.

Bedsty Bedroom

Back in 2012 Shantell Martin turned her bedroom in to a piece of art, which was then featured on the cover of the New York Times.

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