A live drawing exhibition on LED lit graphic panels and acrylic boxes.

Las Vegas

Designer and maker of retail systems via versatile merchandising and interior designs, B+N Industries aesthetic is all about timelessness and adjustability. Fittingly, at the Global Shop (a convention center for interiors) and New York’s ICFF fair Shantell did her quintessential live drawings at the B&N booth, specifically on a white version of System 1224 (a popular design system) as her working canvas, a space fit with LED lit graphic panels and acrylic boxes with white converse high tops inside.

As everything with Shantell’s work, it was executed with a seamless intuition, and each layer was done with precision and care. While moving around the System 1224, and applying her incredible visual language to every corner of her exhibition space, she fleshed out the space with her effervescent patterns.

The experience itself taught Shantell how work can be translated in many different surfaces, and that pictorial representations have no limitations. This exhibition was a play on that, a play on Shantell’s work—drawing on everything—by playing with it’s accessibility on a quotidian way. It was an exciting way to see how there’s always room to do more, inspire and to create excitement and aura around a project. Not to mention ways to engage new audiences.